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Definition of a Physics-of-Failure Model
Models submitted to WARP must meet the following criteria for approval:
  • A quantitative mathematical model.
  • Identifies a root cause failure mechanism.
  • Identifies the environmental stresses that accelerate the failure mechanism.
  • Model's parameters are based on test, field and/or simulated data.
WARP's Objective
The objective of the WARP effort is to collect, analyze and verify the existence and characteristics of physics-of-failure (PoF) models for electronic, electromechanical and mechanical components to provide a centralized web-based repository within the RIAC that is accessible to researchers and engineers.


The models and references contained herein have been compiled from the open literature and government and nongovernment technical reports and are intended to be used for reference purposes only. Neither the United States Government, Wyle Laboratories nor Quanterion Solutions Incorporated warrant the applicability and accuracy of these models. The user is further cautioned that the models and references contained herein may not be used in lieu of other contractually cited references and specifications.

Publication of these models and references is not an expression of the opinion of The United States Government or Wyle Laboratories or Quanterion Solutions Incorporated as to the quality of any model mentioned herein and any use for advertising or promotional purposes of these models or references in conjunction with the name of The United States Government, or Wyle Laboratories or Quanterion Solutions Incorporated without written permission is expressly prohibited.

WARP is compatible with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox v3.5, Safari v3.2, Chrome v2.0