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Reliability Data

The RIAC is a leading worldwide source for reliability data. It maintains extensive quantitative and qualitative databases on components/assemblies and makes these data available through several data products. Data is collected from numerous industry and government test and field sources and is updated on a continuous basis. The following is a listing of RIAC data products:

This document contains reliability data on both commercial and military electronic components for use in reliability analyses. It contains failure rate data on integrated circuits, discrete semiconductors (diodes, transistors, optoelectronic devices), resistors, capacitors, and inductors/transformers, all of which were obtained from the field usage of electronic components. At more than 2,000 pages, the format of this document is the same as RIAC's popular NPRD document which contains reliability data on nonelectronic component types. A summary section presents failure rates sorted by generic component type, quality level and environment. A detailed section follows presenting component specific data including part number, manufacturer, package type, etc. Software version available.

EPRD Cover
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Nonelectronic Parts Reliability Data (NPRD) provides failure rate data for a wide variety of component types including mechanical, electromechanical, and electronic assemblies. It provides summary and detailed data sorted by part type, quality level, environment and data source.

The data contained in this database represents a compilation of field experience in military, commercial, and industrial applications, and concentrates on items not covered by MIL-HDBK-217, "Reliability Prediction of Electronic Equipment." Data includes part descriptions, quality level, application environments, point estimates of failure rate, data sources, number of failures, total operating hours, miles, or cycles, and detailed part characteristics.

NPRD is available in two formats:

1) Hardcopy Version
Sections 1 and 2 are provided in a two volume printed document. Sections 3 through 8 are provided in PDF format.
The hardcopy version is comprised of the following sections:
  1. Introduction
  2. Part Summaries
  3. Part Details
  4. Data Sources
  5. Part/MIL Number Index
  6. NSN Index w/FSC
  7. NSN Index w/o FSC
  8. Part Description Index

* NOTE: The Hardcopy Version does not include any software for searching.
2) Electronic Database Software

The Automated Databook version of this publication is a Windows compatible database driven software tool that includes query capabilities for rapid data retrieval.

The electronic database software tool is available on CD-ROM or by download.

The tool operates in the Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 environments.

*NOTE: The CD-ROM or download versions are not PDF versions of the Hardcopy document.
NPRD Cover
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This publication is a cumulative compendium of failure mode and mechanism data. The intent is to quantify these modes and mechanisms by providing their relative probabilities of occurrence. Data contained in this publication can be used to support reliability analyses such as an FMECA. When used in conjunction with a reliability prediction, failure rates can be apportioned among constituent failure modes. The distributions contained provide a baseline set of probabilities to be used in the reliability engineering industry. The scope of the publication is electrical, electronic, mechanical and electromechanical parts and assemblies.

FMD Cover
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Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a major cause of electronic device and system failures. This publication contains ESD susceptibility data for 22,000 devices, including microcircuits, discrete semiconductors and resistors. A detailed section contains the commercial part number, device description, manufacturer, ESD classification (per MIL-STD-1686A and MIL-STD-883 Method 3015.7), date code, data source information, resistance and capacitance used in the discharge circuit, failure voltage, pin combination, failure criteria, and the version of Method 3015 used. Interpretation of the data and profiles of susceptibility levels for various device types and technologies are included. This data is particularly useful in fulfilling part classification requirements and in the establishment of ESD control programs. Software version available.

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Data can only be kept current with the continued support of organizations who support RIAC data collection activities. If your organization would like to participate in the RIAC's data/information collection program, please take a look at our "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" for potential RIAC data contribution or contact the RIAC Data Manager at 315.351.4200.

Upon request, data sources are kept completely confidential and proprietary.